Human Chop 2




The mouse is the main key to enjoy the game.

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Human Chop 2

Welcome the second version – Human Chop 2! This time, players have a chance to enjoy a completely new game with a lot of interesting situations. In the game, they have to do anything to prevent humans reaching the subway. The players will use many tools and items to perform their task. Are you ready, guys? Here we go! Look! Do you see a man standing under a block? Let’s cut the ropes to make the block drop on the stone. Because of avoiding the damage, the boy will move under the stone. After that, break the stone and let the block fall on him. When the man is killed, the level is completed. However, don’t let any of the humans get into the subway, or that level is incomplete. In each of the levels, there are different situations; therefore, the players have to think of good solutions for resolving them. Hope you overcome all of the levels and become an intelligent master, guys! Have fun!

Date Added: 2013-12-18

Category: Physics Games

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