House Of Wolves





Use the mouse to select units and interact with stuff.

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House Of Wolves

As a descendant of the 'blue-blood' family of the House Of Wolves in the England lands, you are expected to become a strong, powerful man having his own domain. Take action now!

In this awesome real-time strategy game, you are responsible for establishing and protecting your own bloodline by building a thriving settlement from humble beginnings that can stand against the Darkness Forces. Though you start with only a single watchtower and a lone settle, following the tutorials can walk you through the basics of constructing. Use the surrounding resources to create your very first structure and recruit workers and warriors protecting your base. Manage your people to build, repair, hunt, and fight; at the same time, set up and run your army to conquer new territories. Do your best to defend your land from foes' forces.

For sure, House Of Wolves is such a cool real-time game. With a rich and complex gameplay, you can start to think about a large depth of land.

Date Added: 2016-07-07

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