Halfling Tycoon





Use the mouse to control this idle-click game.

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Halfling Tycoon

How hard is it when you have you run a whole village on your own? Let's enter Halfling Tycoon to find out everything! In this game, please help a little boy – Jim – enhance the life of his hamlet!

As you may know, this place is the one-and-only 'Halfling' town in the world. Not many people live here, but they've experienced different battles against other villages and monsters. Surprisingly, the villagers still don't know how the victory feeling is! This time, Jim decides to make an innovation, and he needs your help. Quickly assist him in obtaining foods as well as other resources (wood, rocks, etc.), and then, hire as many workers as possible so that the tasks will be performed automatically. Later, remember to recruit some soldiers for the upcoming battles. Collect unique objects and earn more gold to upgrade necessary items!

What are you waiting for? Go to Halfling Tycoon and start taking care of your village!

Date Added: 2015-09-18

Category: Physics Games

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