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Click to control the cat.

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Grapple Cat

A pretty cat loves traveling. He is so excited to go everywhere in the world to enjoy beautiful places, especially beaches. Do you want to travel with him? Let’s play Grapple Cat and go with him. Look! Do you see a very wonderful beach in front of your eyes? Let’s go and guide the cat with a grappling hook along the shore to watch everything around the sea. Along the way, he needs to pay attention to obstacles like gaps and bad sea creatures. During the journey, jump and launch the hook to destroy rocks and stones which block your way, guys. Besides, avoid getting caught the large wave behind the cat and red crabs ahead. Never let him drop off the sea also. All of those will kill your cat. Collect all coins and unlock achievements. Have fun, guys!

Date Added: 2015-01-27

Category: Physics Games

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