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The game is totally played by utilizing the left mouse.

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Glissaria PBS Game

Glissaria is supposed to be a wonderful combination of match-3 and Tower Defense, with a surprising dash of RPG elements. Such cool game will surely get you more and more excited, so it will be an unexpected pity if you don’t experience it. The primary objective is to prevent the onslaught of hateful monsters from reaching the castle at the left side. The only strategy for this protection is to build tower defenses along the available pathway on the game map. Firstly, let’s collect enough resources by matching elements on the grid according to requirement of the game. For example, a tower can be only built by creating a match of 5 wood items. Once the deployment has been already done, the towers will automatically shoot at the foes until their health drops down entirely. Additionally, don’t forget about upgrades! Come on!

Date Added: 2014-07-15

Category: Match 3 Games

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