Galaxy Harvest





Control the game by the mouse only.

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Galaxy Harvest

If you are looking forward to a very real–time strategy game set in a faraway galaxy, Galaxy Harvest is the best choice for you. This time, players will be a strong leader who can manage hordes of units. Their main task is to move around the galaxy and capture all planets from enemies. Wow! Want to make a very fantastic battle in space, guys? Play the game to start enjoying it now. At first, the players should seed their available planets with life and harvest biomass to aid their civilization. Try to send many scout ships into the enemies’ planets to capture them. After exploring any of them, the players can increase units and send spaceships there. During the game, don’t let rivals recapture their lost planets, guys. Don’t forget to use tech points to know more about new technologies which help you perform your mission more effectively. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2015-02-23

Category: Physics Games

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