Frantic Ninjas





Player 1: tap arrow keys to attack/defend and spacebar to use special attack.
Player 2: hit WASD to assail/defend and Z to avail special attack.

Game Details

Frantic Ninjas

Want to join in a special contest in the ninja world? Believe in your fighting ability? Have an access in Frantic Ninjas to challenge yourself right now! It is terrific that players can fight against the computer or ask their friends to play with. Which one will be fascinating and exciting? Pick one up and begin to fight! Tap prescribed buttons on the keyboard to help the ninja attack the opponent as well as defending the counter attack. Remember to observe 2 important bars at the top to know the ninja’s situation. Don’t let any bar turn into zero; otherwise, the game will come to an end instantly. Ah, the players need to avail Special Attack in order to knock the opponent out soon so that they can face the others. Are you always ready, guys? Come to fight now!

Date Added: 2014-09-03

Category: PBS Kids Go

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