Formula Xspeed 3D





Tap WASD to drive the vehicle.
Hit C to change the camera.

Game Details

Formula Xspeed 3D

Know what? The players have been invited to Formula Xspeed 3D to participate in a fierce racing competition. Come here, your driving career will be developed strongly – more challenging & more professional. Are you ready to prove your true ability? Let’s get started! At first, select your team color, purchase a kart, and begin competing in F1 Championship. While racing in this game, the players are required to perform over 10 three-laps-long races on 10 Formula 1 circuits. Sounds hard, huh? Anyway, you must do well if you want to achieve the trophy. Wisely grab the steering wheel, step on the gas, and wipe off the opponents. Try hard to set the incredible record in each course! Oh, drift behind the rivals, and remember to check your blind-spots. Earn money so that you can purchase better equipment for the vehicle. Okay, let’s cross the finish line as the first one to win the race!

Date Added: 2015-10-24

Category: Puzzle Games

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