Flan Cake Maker





Avail items/tools, pick and add ingredients with the mouse.

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Flan Cake Maker

If you are super interested in cooking, then play Flan Cake Maker right away. Through this game, you'll know how to cook a yummy plan cake. Don't miss such a great opportunity!

What is the gameplay of this cooking game? The players are asked to create a delectable flan cake. Simply follow the in-game instruction and you can complete the task much easier. The most important key for a delicious cake is – it needs to be baked perfectly. To make the mixture, you must have essential ingredients, such as sugar, water, eggs, milk, etc. Put it into the oven for heating, and then, take it out for cooling; don't forget to put the cake into the fridge for seconds. Finally, set it on an appropriate, beautiful dish and decorate the flan cake with cherries, oranges, berries, and mints.

Will you become the best Flan Cake Maker? Add this dessert's recipe to your cooking book and keep practice. Have fun!

Date Added: 2016-07-28

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