Fishy Waters





To catch the fishes and control Betty’s boat, tap arrow keys.
To drop the line, hit spacebar.

Game Details

Fishy Waters

By some means, Betty’s father was caught by a big octopus. She was worried about him, so she decided to reach the octopus’s place and rescued her father. Could you go with her, guys? Please jump into Fishy Waters and assist her right now! Players will go with Betty on her own boat and move through lots of seas in order to find her father. But, the important thing is that she needs to pay an amount of money if she wants to go through ports. So, the question is how she earns money. It’s very simple and easy, guide her to go fishing and then sell all to attain money. View fishes’ shadow under the sea. Then drop the line. Keep in mind to be quick-sighted to determine arrow’s direction and hold it until catching the fish. Each of the stages requires the different number of fish. Therefore, try to seize all to move forward other seas. Help Betty to fulfill soon to save her father. Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2014-06-24

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