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Feed Prumpa is guided by using the left mouse.

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Feed Prumpa

Hey guys! Want to check your ingenuity through puzzle and physics games? Feed Prumpa may be a good selection. Although there are lots of demanding challenges during the fascinating game, it’s sure that you will get more and more interesting features. Feed Prumpa tells about a little elephant called Prumpa, living alone in a far forest. He really loves sweets and candies which are scattered throughout the forest. Let’s think of some ways to help him get such food, players! The game is split into 30 levels in total, and the ultimate goal of each one is to interact with objects or destroy blocks to push the food towards the elephant. Once he swallows all of the suggested foods, the current level will be entirely fulfilled, and the players can enter the next one. Get ready? Come on!

Date Added: 2014-05-29

Category: Physics Games

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