Family Day With Animals





The mouse is to take care of the lioness and the panda.

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Family Day With Animals

We'd like to present Family Day With Animals, a beautiful and fun animal game, for you, kids. What makes it so special? Hit Play and enjoy the moments with the wild animals here!

In this game, the Hadleys is going to spend the family day at the zoo. It would be so much fun to interact with the animals, so…what do Hadleys family need to do? Help them take care of a pregnant lioness and give a panda a relaxing path. You think it's boring? Well, in fact, there's a bunch of tasks to do, guys. At first, accompany Mr. Harleys and his daughter to the lioness's place – feeding her, checking her health, and helping her give birth to a baby lion. Next, assist Mrs. Harleys and her son in giving the panda shower – giving him toys, washing him with shampoo and body-soap, and cleaning him with towel. Don't forget to pick a nice outfit for the cutie panda.

Travel to Family Day With Animals and take care of the animals on the zoo. Have an amazing day!

Date Added: 2016-07-28

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