Failman is controlled by mouse.

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Have you ever heard about Failman? If not, take your spare time and go to Failman to meet Jack – the main character in this game. He has a big dream; that’s to become a superhero to help poor people. However, he never succeeds in any situations because of his clumsiness. That’s why our Jack decided to do nothing but make fun of others. Do you want to co-operate with him to create the unforgettable moments? In this game, the players must complete different tasks to help this man to complete each round well. You only need to drag certain items to create tricks. In some stages, if players don’t know which things should be picked, just wait for a second to see an arrow. Click at it and continue to play, fine? There’re many awkward situations that can reduce your stress, so don’t waste anymore. Go there and have fun!

Date Added: 2015-01-14

Category: Physics Games

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