Expert Wrassling





The arrows are to move & jump.
X is for arm counter clockwise.
Z is for rotate arm clockwise.

Game Details

Expert Wrassling

Do you want to master Expert Wrassling – the national sport of Slamdovia? Does this sport require lots of technique? What should you do to gain a win in each battle? Check out this game!
Right after setting foot on the stage, the players need to fight against dozens of fighters throughout the game. Will you enable to bring the glory trophy home? Here, the main goal is to knock out as many opponents as possible. Why don't you try to spin your arms around both ways and jumping skillfully, and then, see the result? Score enough points for each level, and you can unlock new achievements which help increasing extra bonuses in the upcoming fights. Make no mistake, or your character will be thrown out of the boxing ring. You can choose playing the Co-op mode or match against your best buddy.
Can you be the last standing in Expert Wrassling? Feel free to expose your wrestling skill via this addicting game.

Date Added: 2016-05-06

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