Elements Of Arkandia




Elements Of Arkandia is guided by using the left mouse.

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Elements Of Arkandia

Welcome all players to Elements Of Arkandia! It is originally referred to as a matching game in combination with a battle game, so there is an abundance of fun and interesting things waiting for your discovery. Don’t hesitate to taste the cool game now! In each battle, players are supplied with a board containing plenty of colored gems, elements, skulls, gold and other treasures. The most special thing is that each genre of these items brings them a certain effect when lines of the same colored ones are formed. Thus, nothing is more necessary that right matches should be wisely shown to attack and defeat the opponent. Notice, after finishing each of the battles, the players should visit Town and make purchase of powerful upgrades like spells, armor, swords and others. Are you ready to dip yourselves into Elements Of Arkandia? Let’s go!

Date Added: 2013-12-18

Category: Match 3 Games

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