Press DOWN to detonate bombs.
Press Arrows or WASD to move.

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Hurry up, buddies! Jump into Dynamole instantly to rescue an old mole from a deadly cave! What happened? That 'full-of-TNT' place can explode anytime, so let's help him!

While crawling along the dark path to find food, Pit – the mole – suddenly got lost in a dangerous place. Why is it unsafe? Every corner has lots of bombs, and if he's not careful, he'll surely tumble down the lava river. Are you willing to help Pit escape from this cave? At first, players have to activate the 'EXPLODE' button to detonate all the TNT – it's the only way to find the way out. Once hitting that switch, promptly run as fast as possible to survive. Don't forget to collect worms while running and jumping! If you gather enough the required worms, you will proceed to the next stage.

Get ready? Set foot to Dynamole and try your best to survive in this horrifying cavern!

Date Added: 2015-09-17

Category: Physics Games

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