Driving Force 2





To deal with all the challenging missions here, please press WASD (to move) and Spacebar (to shoot).

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Driving Force 2

What are you waiting for? Get on the car and go back to the urgent work in Driving Force 2. In the latest chapter, the players will continue performing lots of duties as a policeman. More crimes have happened in the city recently, so you’re extremely busy at chasing the offenders. Now, promptly drive a police car on a highway, guys! The crucial target is – capturing the escaping criminals. Don’t mind dipping yourself in dangerous chases to knock out all the full-armed enemies. Of course, there’ll be explosions, crashes, high-speed driving, and more intense actions here. Oh, once reaching the law-breakers’ cars, aim and shoot them right away before they counter-attack you back. Avoid traffic, or the police vehicle will be damaged terribly. Complete various objectives perfectly to unlock new locations and mission, remember! Can you pass all 18 prepared lessons? Equip weapons carefully and take on the task instantly, buddies!

Date Added: 2015-10-24

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