Dream Car Racing





The mouse is to upgrade.
The arrow keys are for driving the car.

Game Details

Dream Car Racing

Welcome to Dream Car Racing – a special driving game! It’s interesting that the game will lead you to the racing zone where you not only control a racing car, but also get a chance to build it according to your favorites. There are dozens of challenging and interesting levels here, and each one is about driving this vehicle until it covers the target distance. Along the track, try to reach the gas station to charge energy for the car, and control it as far and fast as possible to gain high scores. Importantly, keep it balancing on the track as well as evade stupid crashes, or the car will be damaged heavily, and the current level will be over instantly. Spend the collected scores on wheels, engines, frames and other parts in order to boost the power of driving. Come on!

Date Added: 2014-06-15

Category: Physics Games

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