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Hit the left-mouse button to interact with the game.

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Dream Baby Care

Have you had any baby sitting experience yet? With Dream Baby Care, you'll have an occasion to look after a super cute baby girl. Are you able to give her very good care? Come on!

Okay, as soon as you access the main screen, your major objective is to baby sit the in-game character. There are three primary tasks you need to complete well – taking her to bath, feeding her, and choosing a nice outfit for her. Firstly, in the bathing stage, players have to follow what the baby requests; for instance, giving her toys, using the right shampoo and softwash soap, etc. Next, in the eating stage, you are asked to prepare foods and milk for the baby. Keep feeding her until she's ready to play. Then, dress her up by choosing the prettiest outfits, plus lovely accessories.

Head toward Dream Baby Care and show your best mommy skills. Click to play now!

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