Doom 2

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Shoot with the mouse.
Move with the arrows.

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Doom 2

Finally, Doom 2 – the first-person shooter series – has been released. Following the events in Doom, you need to explore this installment to figure out the hidden truth…come on, guys!
The players, once again, will take a role as the unnamed space marine (aka the Doomguy). After coming back from Hell, he finds out that Earth has also been invaded by the demons. Terribly, the Devil Force has killed billions of innocent people. No one survives but him on the planet – he can't sit down to await death. It's time to sneak into the alien base to stop the invasion; and once destroying all the enemies there, quickly reaching the next location to kill the biggest demon called the Icon of Sin. Firing rockets into its exposed brain will cause the monster's death.
With the Icon of Sin's failure, the portal from Hell to Earth has been sealed. Now, Doomguy still has to restore life and order on Earth in Doom 2.

Date Added: 2016-05-05

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