Dice Adventure

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Use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to move the dice.

Game Details

Dice Adventure

Welcome all players to Dice Adventure, which is referred as a special adventure game, and also the adventure of a colored dice! It’s wonderful! You have heard a lot about wonderful adventures of explorers, brave men, sailors, and other people, but that of a dice is surely strange to you. Then, Dice Adventure certainly blows your mind at the beginning. The dice must go through a dangerous maze to come back home. Actually, he has lost here for many days. Let’s get involved in the fascinating and challenging game to travel around the maze with this character and take him to his destination! There are deadly dangers from the other dices, traps, spikes, and others. Dodge them at any cost! By the way, open some gates and activate functions of boxes and other objects to free the way for him. Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-11-06

Category: PBS Games

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