Decision Medieval





The mouse is to attack.
The arrow keys are for moving.

Game Details

Decision Medieval

One day, everyone was celebrating a great party for their new king; suddenly, a lot of creepers, zombies, trolls, and other creatures came into the party and destroyed it. At that time, the entire kingdom became messy. Fortunately, there was a mighty knight trying to fight against them to protect his residents and kingdom. He is so brave, right? How about you, guys? Want to assist him and become a strong warrior? Let’s play Decision Medieval and start banishing all of the above creatures from the kingdom now. Firstly, players have to go to the kingdom and find the support from local people. Then, try to complete different tasks to defend the kingdom. Never let the creatures destroy it, or the game is over. The more creatures are taken out, the cooler the players are. Hope you protect the kingdom safely, guys! Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2014-06-02

Category: Physics Games

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