Cubestern 2 Night Shift





Interact with the game by clicking the left mouse.

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Cubestern 2 Night Shift

The bad guys are back! Okay, guys – let's prepare for another puzzle adventure of the cubic sheriff in Cubestern 2 Night Shift. Do you enable to bring all the criminals to the justice?

The midnight has come, and everybody in the town felt asleep. At that moment, some suspicious guys showed up as they want to do something fishy to the innocents. Your chief mission is – protecting the townsfolk by locking up all the baddies, never miss out anyone. Through 32 interesting levels, the players must deal with different challenging puzzles successfully in order to conquer the whole game. Be smart and clever to get rid of the wooden boxes in the right order. Once the criminal fall exactly on the top of the jail, you'll proceed to the next stage. Significantly, don't let them escape, ok?

Jump into Cubestern 2 Night Shift and save the town from a sleepless night. Have fun with this cute physics game!

Date Added: 2016-01-19

Category: Puzzle Games

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