Cover Orange Journey Pirates





Use the mouse to cover oranges.

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Cover Orange Journey Pirates

Welcome to the second episode – Cover Orange Journey Pirates! Have you ever played this game, guys! If you have yet to enjoy its brilliance, right now take the chance to explore it and see how greater it is than the previous episode. Ok! Let’s go now! In the game, players need to help innocent farmers living on a beautiful island banish all of the perilous pirates and protect their achievements. This time, these farmers are busy to harvest oranges. The bad pirates are on their way to steal them. The main task of the players is to think of sagacious tactics to cover heavy rain causing by these pirates. They can use bombs to push different items near the orange, and then place boxes to defend their achievements. Never let your hateful pirates steal them, guys. Hope you overcome all of the pirates’ attacks and protect oranges safely!

Date Added: 2014-05-23

Category: Physics Games

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