Clicker Troops





Control the knight army with the mouse.

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Clicker Troops

As a big fan of fun idle-click games, you can miss Clicker Troops. Here, the players will take control of a knight who's in charge of defeating the enemy troops for good points. Let's get started!

Hit the Play button and access the main arena to begin the battle. A knight's major duty is to survive as long as possible throughout all the fierce battling waves. Since this is an idle game with automatic attacks, all you have to do is accumulating a large amount of money for hiring more troops. Observe the fight between your unit and the enemies and upgrade the troops to the fullest for conquering the game. You will surely encounter many aggressive bosses so be careful. Perform well to unlock cool items and achievements. Visit the Inventory and craft advanced weapons to support your unit's warriors.

Go to Clicker Troops and keep clicking to cause real damage to monsters and big bosses. Have fun!

Date Added: 2016-07-05

Category: Puzzle Games

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