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Do the objective with the mouse only.

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Chip Family

It's time to meet Chip Family, guys! The winter will soon come, so you need to help the members collect as many chestnuts as possible. Get ready to start the job? Come on!

Of course, you can't do this task alone…all the chipmunks (Bob, Marge, Steven, and Alice) are waiting to follow your instructions. Enter the main screen now! Here, the players will be provided a pack of 30 challenging puzzles. Complete everything successfully to help the chips here have the happiness winter. In each level, you're asked to gather a certain number of acorns – removing some wooden blocks to crack the nut and put them perfectly in the basket. Make wise decisions before calling the chipmunks' assistance as all of them can't show up at the same stage. Do your best to finish the task in the shortest time, ok?

More achievements are waiting to be unlocked in Chip Family. What are you waiting for? Much fun!

Date Added: 2016-01-25

Category: Physics Games

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