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Castle Kaboom

I believe that Castle Kaboom will seduce an enormous number of players in the future. Why? It's simply because of its cool and addicting content. Get eager to master its structure and tasks. Ready? Start up right away!

Fascinatingly, here is a genre of physic game which is based on the Nitrome's Rubble Trouble series. Take time to utilize monsters, projectiles, magic items, explosives, and other weapons to demolish castles and buildings according to the requested target. Remember that each level of the game will be fulfilled by reaching the specific objective shown up at the bottom. Occasionally, challenges need the player's smartness, shooting skills, and cleverness. In addition to the above weapons, their functions will not be revealed in advance.

Don't mind uncovering the first challenge and accomplishing it at the moment. Play Castle Kaboom now!

Date Added: 2015-08-31

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