Castle Cake Cooking





Create a beautiful cake by utilizing the mouse.

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Castle Cake Cooking

Would it be nice to take your baking skill to the next level? Take your time and join in Castle Cake Cooking with us immediately. Here comes a chance to create an awesome delicious cake!

In this game, you're the master of cake-baking and cake-decorating who's living in the Fantasia Kingdom. The King's Inauguration Day is coming; and you are asked to make a spectacular castle cake as a gift for the Monarch. You should NOT cause any mistake, even the smallest one, remember. Let's start off cooking the cake – follow the in-game baking instructions to make the best mixture. After that, bring it to the oven and quickly do the baking. If you finished the first step; then move to the decorating process stage. Be creative to design the most stunning look for the cake.

Don't be afraid to show your baking and decorating talent in Castle Cake Cooking. Wish you have a great time here!

Date Added: 2016-07-26

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