Castaway Troops





Press the arrow keys to move the boy.
The left mouse is to choose items.

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Castaway Troops

Guys! Remember the little boy in Castaway? Today, he continues another interesting journey in Castaway Troops. Would you love to go with him? Surely, you will get something terrific here, so it's a pity if you ignore it. Take time for the commencement!

Here is a Snake variant attached to the RPG element. Thus, the player's chief work is to role-play the boy to explore the new island, confront hazardous critters, collect valuable stones, and do other amazing activities. It's noteworthy that he must manage to evade all sudden attacks from the above enemies. More excitingly, spend gold on armor, tools, weapons, and equipment to fight against the opposing force more efficiently.

Now it's high time to start Castaway Troops. Enjoy it and see all your achievements from this journey. It's funny!

Date Added: 2015-07-13

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