Cardinal Quest 2





Move with the arrow keys or the left mouse.
Click the left mouse to shoot.

Game Details

Cardinal Quest 2

A peaceful land is suffering the threat of a dark force that thirsts for the whole world domination. That’s why the land’s leader is calling all courageous heroes to protect this place. You are invited to get involved in Cardinal Quest 2 to role-play the commander of the heroes in the fight off the invaders. Take up this urgent mission and complete it successfully, all guys! Travel around the randomly generated maps to look for the invaders and try to wipe out all of them to gain XP points. Bear in mind that if these enemies attack the heroes, and their health drops entirely down, the game will rapidly stop. By the way, it’s better to pick up precious items along the way because they will help boost the power of the controlled characters. Get ready? Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-06-11

Category: Physics Games

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