Car Wash For Prom Dress





Enjoy this fun game with the mouse only.

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Car Wash For Prom Dress

Meet Elina, a sweet high-school girl, players! She's just invited her crush to the prom party yet she has no beautiful prom dress. Go to Car Wash For Prom Dress and give her a support.

Right now, this girl yearns for a gorgeous dress; the thing is that all the outfits displayed in shops are too expensive while she does not have enough money. Luckily, she is accepted to work in the car wash. Are you willing to help Elina accomplish this job perfectly for money earning? The task she needs to do is – washing as many cars as possible. Make use of all the available equipment to complete the objective easily. Be quick as the clock is ticking! When received the pay, quickly purchase the prom dress that Elina most preferred. Match her outfit with some pretty accessories to give her a mesmerizing look on the prom night.

Hope you have a great time with Elina in Car Wash For Prom Dress. Play it now!

Date Added: 2016-07-31

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