Brave Shorties





Activate the mouse to accomplish the game's mission.

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Brave Shorties

Right now, don’t be hesitant to enter Brave Shorties, buddies! The players need to aid the King in rescuing his beautiful wife from the aggressive monsters’ imprisonment! Join in the medieval army and become the commander. Time to take action! Setting foot to the main screen, you will get self-dipped in various fierce combats against the enemies. Get ready? Alright, firstly, set a wise plan to achieve the victory in all the battles at any cost. Remember, you’re asked to recruit powerful swordsmen and archers! Then, take them to the battlefield for joining in the upcoming war. Deploy your logical strategy and express your leading ability to defeat the opponents from the rival units. Accumulate money to strengthen the warriors’ capacity and energy! You should give clear directions so that the troops can easily understand the command. Can you bring the Queen back to the sweet castle? Challenge yourself to become the ultimate hero!

Date Added: 2015-10-24

Category: Physics Games

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