Hit the left mouse to attack.
The ASDW keys are for movement.

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Take time to experience Brainzilla and get the joyful time right away! It's surprised that you will relish this cool game as a giant flying brain to exterminate the human race. Sounds so cool? Snatch it and embark on your game exploration right now!

Wiping out humans and detonating vehicles are 2 basic activities throughout the game. There is a certain supply of weapon and equipment items for the extermination and detonation. Consider and figure out suitable ways for beating all of the enemies and devastating their achievements before they eliminate you. The power beam is the first weapon for players. Don't forget to spend the points collected from the previous devastation on upgrades for the brain.

Brainzilla is good to experience. Take time to start the cool game right away! Come on!

Date Added: 2015-06-29

Category: PBS Games

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