Boule And Bill

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The arrow keys are to control the little boy.

Game Details

Boule And Bill

Let’s run together with a little boy in Boule And Bill, all guys! It’s assured that you will enjoy lots of awesome and surprising things under 3D format! Get fully prepared? There we come! The little boy’s task is to run around his city in order to collect missing items i.e. coins, bones, clocks, and so forth. The more the items he gathers, the more points he can add in the score. However, this game isn’t simple like this because there are lots of barriers like people, dogs, cars, etc. If players are careless when directing him, he may collide with the barriers and stop running. Terribly, he has to restart to get another score. Do their best to prevent this bad case happen frequently! Got it? Illustrate the best skill in order to obtain the longest distance! Take action and express your ability!

Date Added: 2014-08-08

Category: PBS Kids Go

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