Bomb It




You use A D to choose and confirm your choice with space bar. Player 1 uses 4 arrows to move and space bar to bomb in order to kill others. Player 2 also uses 4 arrows to move but ‘enter’ to bomb so as to kill others. ‘p’ is for pause. You can make a choice of playing yourself or with another one.Using A, D to move

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Bomb It

Do you want to experience an exciting atmosphere? Here is a game for you, guys; Its name is Bomb it. There are 4 characters for you to pick up one among them: pink, yellow, blue, green; if you choose pink character, you will conquer yellow, blue and green characters that is also your main aim. You can strengthen your power by collecting items . As your pink one meets other guys, you press space bar or enter key to conquer him. There are 3 levels from easy, normal to hard one.

Date Added: 2012-11-08

Category: Puzzle Games

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