Bobby Da Arrow





Aim and shoot by the mouse only.

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Bobby Da Arrow

Want to become a great knight who is powerful to destroy all enemies from your country in Bobby Da Arrow, guys? Play the game to experience that feeling.

In the game, players have an important mission of defending their kingdom against baddies who are trying to conquer the kingdom. No one can aid them in killing their enemies. They have to do themselves. Ok, let's go and take control of your knight to enter the rivals' base. This time, each level has the limited number of arrows. That is why the players have to be wise while using them. Once determining any enemy, please aim and shoot the arrows to beat them. Don't forget to save prisoners from stone buildings.

During the game, use the fire arrows to burn creatures or rivals and the poison ones to prevent opponents taking their turn. Good luck in Bobby Da Arrow, guys!

Date Added: 2015-03-03

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