Bob The Inventor





The game is played with the mouse.

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Bob The Inventor

Guys! It is time to enjoy a great game and relax yourself right now, guys. Bob The Inventor is waiting for you to beat it. In the game, players will meet Bob and help him become the best inventor in the world. Let’s go and play it now. Look! Do you see Bob – an old man sitting on the sofa? He is fat, poor, unemployed, divorced, lazy, old, small, and weak. He kept a day dreaming about being a billionaire. Due to being tired of procrastinating, Bob invested all of his money on his new hobby in order to be motivated to change himself and the world. Now he becomes an inventor. It is time to give him a hand in his invention. To invent anything, players just drag 2 items into the workbench. Then, hit the Build button to start combining 2 items. Finally, hit Stop button to set the quality of invention. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2015-01-01

Category: Physics Games

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