Big Bad Ape





Take action with Spacebar.
Control the Ape with WASD keys.

Game Details

Big Bad Ape

Go to Big Bad Ape to witness the anger’s outburst of a giant King Kong, all game-addicts! Right now, he’s really mad at the humans as they destroy his family & friends. In fact, the world is so cruel to this Ape…it’s time to let him be in rage with everything. You, players, are the only hope that can help him take revenge perfectly. Alright, let’s perform the task in this game now! As soon as landing on the playing field, quickly rescue the Gorilla from the testing lab. Then, guide him to run through the city and destroy everything to gain score. Hit, smash, or jump onto any objects appearing in front of him, such as cars, buildings, people, etc. Try to create as more destruction as possible to obtain extra points! Oh, be aware of the police force & their weapons as they’ll try to shoot the Ape down. Wish you conquer the mission!

Date Added: 2015-10-24

Category: Puzzle Games

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