Ballooner New Adventures




Ballooner New Adventures is controlled by using the left mouse.

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Ballooner New Adventures

Hi all kids! With the aim of growing your brain, Ballooner New Adventures designed as a puzzle game will surely bring you surprising challenges. Why don’t you try it instantly? Let’s go! A bright forest with beautiful balloons and other objects is the main graphic of the game; is it impressive enough to attract your attention? It’s surely yes. 24 levels as 24 puzzles are all what players must overcome for obtaining a win. Concentrating on the main objective, the players are asked to free the suggested balloons from the stage by breaking glass blocks, interacting with spikes, activating explosives or doing some possible activities. At times, the high levels give more requirements like keeping the neutral balloons left, popping the evil balloons and so on. Further, watch out for scores at the bottom of the stage! These will drop down gradually until the level is finished. Start the game now!

Date Added: 2013-12-18

Category: Physics Games

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