Baby Slacking





Use the mouse to take care of the baby.

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Baby Slacking

On summer holiday, Sarah seems to be so busy. Look! She has to take care of her baby brother for her parents. Wow! She is so clever. Sarah always makes her brother happy. How about you, guys? Are you good at looking after your baby sister or brother? Come to enjoy a great game – Baby Slacking and learn more about how to take care of the babies. In the game, Sarah and baby Emma are playing with toys. It is time to remind Sarah to take a bath for Emma. As a big sister, try to look after your baby brother carefully, guys. Don’t let her cry while bathing. After that, take him to his bed and bring some toys for him. Don’t forget to feed him with delicious soup. During the game, try to keep the baby healthy. Have fun, guys!

Date Added: 2014-10-07

Category: PBS Games

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