Attack Of The Elemental





The mouse is the chief key to interact with the game.

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Attack Of The Elemental

Do nothing but keep a keen eye on Attack Of The Elemental, all gamers! What's special in this tower defense game? Travel there with us to find out more awesome features!

When players set foot on the beautiful land in this game, they have to protect it from the creatures' invasion. Why? Because of their greed, they want to use this place to serve their bad purposes. Be quick to construct a protection system by purchasing powerful towers. They will attack the enemies automatically. However, players have to think carefully before placing traps and turrets as both towers and enemies have elements (Fire, Earth, Water, and Neutral). Each element has weakness against other element, so please consider this matter if you don't want to be defeated. Earn more coins to buy more defensive towers as well as upgrading the old ones.

Bear in mind that you only have 3 lives to accomplish the task in Attack Of The Elemental. Can you conquer all places on the map? Let's prove your ability!

Date Added: 2015-03-29

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