Anti Match 3




Anti Match 3 is managed by using the left mouse.

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Anti Match 3

Do you remember the rule of most match-3 games? This is to form a lot of lines or groups of at least 3 same items to get rid of them from the game board. Today, players of Anti Match 3 will do the opposite. In a detailed way, the computer is trying to show right matches while the players drop the new items so as to prevent the computer from fulfilling the game. It’s wonderful! Don’t hesitate to experience Anti Match 3 right away, players! The basic goal of the players here is to fill all available lines by releasing the tiles listed at the top of the game field so that the opponent can not match them and make them disappear. The opponent will have 50 turns for removing all of the tiles. Let’s strategically and wisely set the tiles to beat the opponent, players! Enjoy yourselves with Anti Match 3 instantly.

Date Added: 2013-12-18

Category: Match 3 Games

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