Animal Hunter 3D

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The LEFT mouse is to aim and shoot.
The right mouse is to zoom.

Game Details

Animal Hunter 3D

0Hey, guys! Come on and don’t miss your occasion to hunt deer on wild lands in Africa with Animal Hunter 3D right now. If you love hunting, actually you love this game so much. Ok, let’s see how excited you are when killing cute deer. Get prepared for guns and bullets to go to Africa. Look, the big deer are everywhere on the land. Players will follow them and shoot them off. Remember that the bullets are affected by gravity, and you have to plan in using your shots wisely. Try to kill 2 deer as fast as you can to save your time. The sooner the players destroy 2 deer, the better score they get. Never waste your time in hanging out around the land. Definitely, the hunt will bring you a lot of fantastic moments. Have fun, guys!

Date Added: 2014-12-08

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