Alien Invasion 2





The mouse is to play this game.

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Alien Invasion 2

Let’s protect your planet from alien’s attack, all game addicts! Are you ready to face up to a huge force at this time? Please participate in Alien Invasion 2 and start the main task now! There is an only way to stop the aliens’ attack; that is, train and take control of available units. Let’s consult some main features of each unit to know their function i.e. miners are to mine necessary minerals, marine is to attack the aliens and gets cheap to train, trooper can fire high explosive rockets, and so on. Just click the left mouse on the units and then they will work automatically. To call for reinforcements, remember to mine as many resources as possible. Got it? In addition, don’t forget to set up some buildings (ammo boxes, for example) in order to prevent the aliens’ assail. Keep the planet as long as they can to gain a final victory! Hope you do well, guys!

Date Added: 2014-08-05

Category: Strategy Games

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