Alexander The Great





Alexander The Great is totally played by using the left mouse.

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Alexander The Great

Turn back to an ancient land in the past period of time, and exactly 336 BC, all guys! Here, you play a role as Alexander the Great, who desires to reach the ends of the Earth and the Great Outer Sea. Wow! It’s fascinating! Take several moments to dip yourselves into Alexander The Great – the sequel to Genghis Khan, a cool strategy game. The major mission throughout this game is to conquer all nations that oppose Alexander the Great. Show them the great tactical ability of the home troop controlled by the players. Click on the Mission button to choose a certain mission to start the fight. Later, move the game map (the battlefield) and click on cities along with pressing the Fight button to invade them. Moreover, remember that the home troop needs to be trained, upgraded and equipped after the certain number of successful attacks on the enemies. Get ready? Come on!

Date Added: 2014-07-31

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