The arrow keys are used to control the main character.

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Remember Aladdin in the Middle Eastern folk tale? He is one of the title characters in the Book of One Thousand And One Nights. Of course, if having ever read this folk tale, you will never forget interesting trips of Aladdin. Today, this game will lead you to the cave where he is trapped in. Let's help him earn benefits, but keep him safe from every danger here. Much fun!

Moving Aladdin around every area of the cave along with letting him collect all treasures is the most essential mission. Let's touch the magic lamp to turn him into the powerful flow of wind and make him magnetic to gold and sparkling items. Meanwhile, be fast to control the flow of wind so that it can raid and destroy all hazardous enemies. Many levels will be opened out right after the first click.

Now it's time for explore Aladdin and go with the main character in this new trip. Come on!

Date Added: 2015-04-20

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