Airborne Wars 2





Airborne Wars 2 is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

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Airborne Wars 2

The second episode of Airborne Wars is in the hands of those who have tasted its first one. In Airborne Wars 2, there are 24 charming levels in total, and it’s special that each one will have a detailed mission. In general, the most significant target of those levels is to send soldiers to the opposing fortress to kill enemies and destroy this building. All things are done via mouse clicks. Is it simple? Don’t hesitate to initiate the job as the excellent commander of the battle against the enemies in Airborne Wars 2, players! It’s noteworthy that the higher levels the players join in, the stronger the power of their enemies will be. As a result, let’s avail the budget of money collected from the previous levels to equip the home troop with the more powerful weapons, tools, and other upgrades. Fight now!

Date Added: 2014-07-28

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