Airborne Wars





The mouse is to play the game.

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Airborne Wars

A series of evil forces overcomes a river, and now they are on their way to enter a nice village. Hurry up, great warriors! Let’s go and protect it. The entire village depends on you. Let’s play Airborne Wars and perform your responsibility, guys. This time, players will outwit these evil forces as attacking them on the ground and in the air. It is time to use your fast-paced tactics and send your troops to the battlefield and begin defending the village from the attacks of rivals. During the battle, don’t forget to build different types of buildings for dominating the enemy’s ones. Barracks are locations to produce units. Let’s send your planes and attack them from above, guys. Never, let the evil forces approach your base, or they will destroy it. Hope you win the battle and become the hero of the villagers, game lovers!

Date Added: 2014-07-26

Category: Strategy Games

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