Hit AWD or the arrows to move.
Tap X or K to absorb and shoot things.

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Have you heard about a game named Absorbed before? You'll get a chance making an incredible adventure with a muscle man. So, pack your package and access to the main screen!

What is going on here? During a science experiment in the lab, the man suddenly got sucked into a portal. Being trapped in the wrong dimensions is quite dangerous; that's why he needs your support to return home safely. Luckily, the character is still holding his Absorption Cannon – this equipment enables to swallow boxes as well as other items. Make use of it to overcome obstacles, traps, and enemies while moving on the way, remember! The players' mission in each stage is to seek an orange crystal, and then, absorb it to open the portal; at the same time, the gem will destroy the power beam.

Now, you know the secrets in Absorbed. It's time to solve the problem and gain rewards!

Date Added: 2016-01-18

Category: PBS Games

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